Water Quality To Be Reviewed

Water Quality To Be Reviewed 

Posted: 4:34 pm Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


water qualityFlorida’s Environmental Regulatory Commission will decide just how high to raise the allowable levels of toxic chemicals that they will allow to flow into our waterways at today’s meeting. It’s been 24 years since water quality standards were updated.

stun gun parentsPolk County Sheriff Grady Judd has four people under arrest for allegedly using a stun gun to discipline children, one as young as seven years old. DCF took two of those children out of the home earlier this month. The two women said they didn’t do anything out of fear of losing the children, and the men in the home. They are all facing multiple child abuse charges.

The city has fired the guard involved in a shooting at an Ybor City parking garage July 10th, and they’ve also fired the company who employed him. Tampa will end their contract with Iron Eagle Security Inc. at the end of the month and will bring in Allied Barton Security Services. That guard, Everoy Farqharson is facing multiple charges.

hotThink it’s hot here? It is, but make that in all 50 states. For the first time on record all 50 states are predicting above average temperatures. The only state that might see relief soon according to forecasters? The northern part of Montana.

If you’re feeling especially luck this week, think about buying a ticket or two for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing. It’s now up to $422 million.