Orlando Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

Orlando Man Charged With Animal Cruelty 

Posted: 3:47 am Thursday, August 4th, 2016

By Ann Kelly




Joseph Corraopinky_flamingo

Joseph Corrao of Orlando is the man witnesses say grabbed not one, but two flamingos out of their enclosure at Busch Gardens. One of those died. Pinky was known as the “dancing flamingo” and was an animal ambassador for the park. Corrao faces felony animal cruelty charges.

Today, St Pete City Council will be talking about the amount of money to go toward the construction of the new Pier and for the design phase as well. The subject of just how many restaurants are necessary is on the agenda.

Hillsborough County Commissioners gave their approval to the ferry service would run from Tampa to St starting Nov 1st. Tampa and St Pete will vote on the proposal today, and Pinellas County doing the same next week. The cost of the $1.4 million dollar project is split between the two cities.

liceWe have a super lice outbreak in Pinellas County, just as kids get ready to go back to school. Ten News said that one of the biggest problems in the spread of lice are selfies – you want to avoid head contact, using someone else’s comb or brush and you’ll want to thoroughly clean and sanitize any areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pasco County is in need of 911 operators. Only half of the class that trained back in May are still at the call center, and that’s considered typical. If you’re interested just click here for more information.

zikaThe CDC has issued a travel warning for the area in South Florida where up to 15 people may have a contracted a locally transmitted strain of the Zika virus. The area affected is in a neighborhood just south of Miami.

It’s a little easier on the wallet to fill up these days. Gas prices are at their lowest level since April. AAA attributes the lower prices to gas and oil supplies readily available. The national average price for a gallon is at $2.13; in Florida, it’s $1.97