Flood Watch Continues

Flood Watch Continues 

Posted: 3:45 am Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


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We continue under a flood watch for parts of Tampa Bay, and yesterday’s heavy rains triggered flooding in Pasco County and had untreated sewage pouring out of manholes in Largo. The flood watch for Pasco and Hernando continues through tonight. Check the complete forecast from Stormtracker 10 in our Hurricane Update Guide.

New rules from the FDA that went in to effect yesterday may impact the cigar industry in Tampa. Those new rules require anyone manufacturing tobacco products like cigars to submit samples to the FDA for testing and approval. That fee could run as high as $1,400 to $2,200 per submission. The smaller cigar business owners say that could put them out of business. There’s more on the story here.

One of the first people in the state to receive the new medical marijuana that comes in the form of a spray is from Palm Harbor. Richard Murphy was suffering from seizures after an accident.  Surterra Therapeutics and Trulieve are the only two out of the six approved dispensaries in the state that have started deliveries.

zikaPalm Beach County may have another case of the locally transmitted Zika virus. The Florida Department of Health said that person had been in the area where 15 people have already been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne illness.

There’s $85,000 worth of comics still missing after this past weekend’s Comic Con at the Tampa Convention Center. The owner did file a police report, but until they can confirm they were stolen, they’re considered missing.