Busier Hurricane Season Predicted

Busier Hurricane Season Predicted 

Posted: 4:01 am Friday, August 12th, 2016

By Ann Kelly

hurricane_imageForecasters have released their predictions for the rest of the hurricane season and it’s looking busier. We’ve already have five named storms, and now they say we could have anywhere from a total of 12-17 named storms. They’ve also increased the number making it to hurricanes from 4-8 to 5-8, with 2-4 of those being major. This would make it the busiest season since 2012.

Duke Energy customers should watch for this scam. Someone calls telling you your bill is overdue and you have to pay it immediately or they’re cutting off service right away. They want you to give cash to the “technician” they say is on the. Duke says they would never ask for payment that way. See more about this and how to report it here.  

BucsThe Bucs start the preseason with a 17-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last night. Next up, it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday, the 20th at 7:30 pm. Get the rest of the season’s schedule here.

Tourism numbers in Florida are looking good. Governor Scott will make official announcement later today, but for the first half of this year we had just over 57 million visitors, the highest six month total ever. For the latest on severe weather,

And tonight at Yankee Stadium it’s Alex Rodriguez’s last game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Rodriguez will stay with the organization in another capacity.