Google Wireless Service For Tampa On Hold

Google Wireless Service For Tampa On Hold 

Posted: 3:38 am Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

By Ann Kelly





Google’s high-speed internet service for Tampa is on hold for now. The Tampa Bay Times cites a story from the Wall Street Journal that says Google didn’t like how much time and money would be spent in getting the new service out, so they’ll take another look at how to get the wireless technology in place. Tampa is one of only a few cities that Google was considering to launch the service.

The Public Transportation Committee met in Tampa on Tuesday to work on those new rules for ride sharing services like Uber. The regulations could include mandatory annual vehicle inspections, no cash payments or picking people up who just wave them down on the street. The PTC Governing Board meets to vote on the rules Sept. 14th.

AsiantermitesThanks to the heavy rains and high humidity, it’s become a record year for termite infestation and some exterminators are booked into November already. A story in the Times says despite drier than normal weather from 2006 to 2012, the wetter weather we’re experiencing now is just what termites need.

The Intercontinental Hotel on Kennedy Blvd in Tampa is one 20 in the HEI Hotels and Resorts chains hit by a data breach. For anyone who stayed between March 21 to June 15 of this year could have had their personal information stolen. We have the full list of properties that include Marriott’s and Westins here.

Pop Warner coaches are firing back against people who complained they were being barred from bringing their own water to games. They say the money raised goes toward scholarships to make sure any child who wants to play can and for new equipment. They also said they would never turn someone down who needs water at a game.

goody goodyThe newly renovated Hyde Park Village will welcome one of their most high-profile tenants with a grand opening. Goody Goody announced on their Facebook page yesterday they will officially open at 7 am on the 23rd.