More Warnings On Spread Of Zika

More Warnings On Spread Of Zika 

Posted: 3:36 am Monday, August 22nd, 2016

By Ann Kelly



zikaThe National Institute of Health now says the Zika virus could be with us for another year, or two and for now, affecting mostly the Gulf coast states like Florida. The CDC has warned pregnant women to stay away from the Miami-Dade County area. Tourism has increased in the Bay area, possibly as a result of that warning. But with the flooding rains in Texas and Louisiana, there’s more concern it could spread there.

Dunedin City Commissioners will make their decision on what the new Dunedin Causeway that leads to Honeymoon Island will look like on Tuesday. The city has released a video showing what each of the options might look like. That meeting starts at 2 pm in the Pinellas County Courthouse on Court St in Clearwater.

fawnA Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy rescued a blind and injured fawn that he found just off Morris Bridge Road. Corporal Jeremy Davis took the fawn to the Bearss Animal Clinic for care.

Rough weekend for some swimmers on Clearwater Beach over the weekend. Stingrays stung around a dozen people, so watch for those purple warning signs that let you know the stingrays are in the area, and do that stingray shuffle to avoid getting stung.

The newly renovated Hyde Park Village will welcome one of their most high-profile tenants with a grand opening. Goody Goody officially opens at 7 am tomorrow.