Tampa Takes Steps To Fight Zika

Tampa Takes Steps To Fight Zika 

Posted: 3:45 am Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

By Ann Kelly



bob-buckhorn-dncTampa Mayor Buckhorn held a press conference yesterday to talk about the Zika virus. The Mayor said we wants this city to be proactive and not wait for others to make decisions for us. Code enforcement officers will now start going through neighborhoods armed with those “dunks” that are dropped into standing bodies of water to destroy mosquito breeding grounds. Mayor Buckhorn said if you see problems in your neighborhood to call the city at 813-274-5545.


zika sprayGovernor Scott is asking the Federal government for help fighting Zika – again. The Governor was back in the Miami neighborhood where the virus seems to have gotten a foothold. The Center for Disease Control said they’re sending prevention kits and tests, but the state and local officials are looking for cash to help out with their own costs.


A Tampa daycare closed without notice leaving a lot of parents with a lot of questions, and so is the staff of the Learning and Play Palace in Palm Harbor. The daycare owner is blaming the property owner for the sudden closing and said he will refund any money due to the parents and plans to sue the landlord. Meanwhile, parents have to find daycare in a hurry. We have from from our partners at 10 News.


That tropical depression we were watching yesterday is now our New South Hurricane Guide Header 2seventh named storm. Forecasters expect Gaston to strengthen into a hurricane sometime later today or tomorrow. Check in with the Dove Hurricane Guide to track the storms.


Like that nice pickup truck you’re driving? So do some crooks. It appears some pros are targeting an area along the I-75 corridor I Pasco and Hillsborough counties. Trucks have been hit in hotel parking lots in smash and grab robberies. Sheriff’s deputies say to keep valuables out of site since the robbers are just grabbing whatever they and leaving a lot of broken widows behind.


votingEarly voting is underway across the Bay area, and will end on the 29th. Since we are a closed primary state that means you vote within your party. The full list of voting locations is here from our partners at 10 News.


Dunedin City Commissioners will make their decision on what the new Dunedin Causeway that leads to Honeymoon Island will look like today. That meeting starts at 2 pm in the Pinellas County Courthouse on Court St in Clearwater.