Scams Pop Up In Pasco County After Hermine

Scams Pop Up In Pasco County After Hermine 

Posted: 3:51 am Thursday, September 8th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


Scam artists are already trying to take advantage of those affected by Hurricane Hermine in Pasco County. Some residents say they getting calls from someone who says they’re with FEMA and need a deposit for paperwork claims for storm damage. We have more information from the county, and what to do if you get one of those calls. Flood damage in Pasco County has topped $89 million dollars, and that’s just damage to private property. Emergency management officials believe they will qualify for federal disaster assistance but that could be weeks away.


St Pete City Council will meet later today to talk about raising the city’s stormwater and sewer fees by as much as 9 per cent. Just yesterday we heard the news about 20 million gallons of partially treated sewage being dumped into the Bay in St Pete from the Albert Whitted Plant, and that’s not over. A story in the Tampa Bay Times says close to two million gallons of treated waste have gone into the Bay thanks to the wind and rain from Hermine.


Hillsborough County is continuing to spray for mosquitoes but after the spraying by the spray in South Carolina, they’re also trying to make sure area beekeepers know how to keep their hives safe. Part of that is spraying after dark when the bees are less active. There’s more information from the county here.


itt_college_campuses_macdAfter ITT Technical Institute suddenly closed all of its campuses across the US yesterday that meant over 40,000 students nationwide are looking for a new school, and 8,000 staff members are looking for a job. In the Bay area, HCC has offered to help students who are looking for a new school. ITT is facing fraud and deceptive marketing charges. Eleven locations are closed in the Bay area.