Help For Hillsborough Transportation

Help For Hillsborough Transportation 

Posted: 3:45 am Friday, September 9th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


It was a unanimous decision at yesterday’s Hillsborough County Commission meeting. County Commissioners voted in favor of putting $600 million dollars to upgrade the county’s transportation needs. A story in the St Pete Times notes it has taken six years and a number of failed referendums to make it to this point, where the county’s bridges, intersections, roads and sidewalks will get some much needed attention.

Now it sounds like no one is quite sure just how much partially treated sewage water was dumped into the Bay in St Pete from the Albert Whitted Plant because of a stuck meter. Public Works Administrator Claude Tankersley admits that there was a stuck flow meter on discharge pipes that has made it impossible to know just how many millions of gallons were released.

All mandatory evacuations are over for Pasco County, but the damage estimates are over $90 million, and that’s just damage to private property. Emergency management officials believe they will qualify for federal disaster assistance but that could be weeks away.

samsung_smartphone_hazard_warning_issuedRemember the recall on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to exploding batteries? There a family in St Pete that believes that’s what triggered a fire that destroyed their SUV. Nathan Dornacher said he didn’t know about the recall until after the fire, and his wife Linda sent a letter to the Time alleging it was the smartphone that did it when it was left plugged in to the car with the AC running over Labor Day weekend. They’re waiting on a final report from the St Pete Fire Dept. to take further action.

The Bucs opens their season on the road Sunday. It’s a 1 pm kickoff against Atlanta.

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and there are many events all weekend. To choose one close to you check in here.

Construction at TIA will on the blue side arrival and departure areas will have the area closed daily between 8 pm and 4 pm. If you fly American, Delta, JetBlue or United, all pick-ups and drop-offs for those airlines will be directed to short term parking. Guests should park in the short term parking garage and take the blue elevators to baggage claim to meet their travelers. Parking fees will be waived for drop-offs and pick-ups.