St Pete Sewer Scandal

St Pete Sewer Scandal 

Posted: 7:04 am Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

By Ann Kelly


The St. Petersburg sewer scandal has cost 2 City workers their jobs and may end up costing residents more money. A vote to raise storm water and sewer fees, goes to a vote today.

florida_sinkholeThe alleged crater cover up continues in Mulberry. The first well water tests are back and reveal no impact yet but officials say we could be seeing an impact for years. If you notice a smell, discoloration or bad taste in your water, don’t use it and get it tested.

Another recall for Blue Bell Ice Cream after bacteria was found in the Chocolate Chip Dough flavored product. 2 people died after consuming tainted ice cream from the company last year.

epipenCongress grilled the CEO of the makers of Epi-pen yesterday, blasting her for the 600% price hike for the life saving drug.