Home Opener For Bucs

Home Opener For Bucs 

Posted: 8:55 am Sunday, September 25th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


bucs3_12603435_8colIt’s  big day at Raymond James Stadium with the premier of the highly-touted renovations that include the massive video screens, and an even bigger day for the Bucs who will try to forget last week’s nasty 40-7 loss to Arizona. The home opener kickoff against the Rams is set for 4:05 pm.




rhinoTampa’s Lowry Park Zoo has a new baby rhino. Kipenzi was born on Sept. 12, and  her name means “loved one” in Swahili. She’ll be out with the rest of the herd after she and her Mom get to know each other better. Photo is courtesy of Lowry Park Zoo, Facebook.