Red Tide Returns

Red Tide Returns 

Posted: 3:43 am Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


red_tide-1Red Tide is back, affecting the waters from Sarasota all the way up to Pinellas County. Dead fish have been washing up onshore, along with the resulting smell. It’s also causing some sneezing and watery eyes. There’s a new red tide report due from Florida Fish and Wildlife on Wednesday, but to check how your beach is doing go to

Governor Scott is making changes to the way toxic spills are to be reported to the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection as a result of the recent water contamination at the Mosaic Plant. That spill went on for three weeks before it was made public. Now, all spills must be reported within 24 hours.

A Texas company was in Tampa this month to sell the city on their new app that’s supposed to help crack down on people illegally parking in handicapped spaces. Parking Mobility uses a staff of volunteers who take pictures of those cars which are shared with law enforcement. There are still a lot of legal questions about the app, so it’s still under consideration.

We know who was in that SUV that was pulled from Boca Ciega Bay over the weekend, and he was allegedly texting at the time of the accident.  David Avery Hughes was driving at the time, and when deputies called the actual owner of the car they said it was their son David behind the wheel and had told them he was texting at the time, He’s facing charges of careless driving, texting while driving and leaving the scene of a crash.

16Miami Marlins players honored their teammate and Alonso High graduate Jose Fernandez at yesterday’s game in Miami. Every player wore his #16 jersey and gathered around the mound to share memories. Fernandez died in a boating accident Sunday in Miami along with two other men.

There’s a tropical system moving toward the coast of South America that has a good chance of becoming the next named storm. Forecasters think it will become a tropical depression sometime this week.

gasNew rules go into effect this Saturday, aimed at protecting us from skimmers, like those that have been found at area gas stations. Starting Oct 1st, security seals must be on all pumps. Make sure you’re checking the pump before you gas up and let the station know there’s a problem.