Agreement Reached For Rideshare Rules

Agreement Reached For Rideshare Rules 

Posted: 3:46 am Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


uber_logoThere may be an agreement between Uber and Lyft, and the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Committee. Thetwo ridesharing companies agreed to a fifteen month trial period for most of the rules the Committee proposed. That means a level two background check along with paying the state’s minimum insurance policy and pass a fingerprint inspection.


The Metropolitan Planning Organization has meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, Oct 4th to talk about adding a toll lane to the Howard Frankland Bridge as part of the TBX project. Some members of the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Committee aren’t happy with the proposed plan which would not add a lane for tolls as they thought, but would just use an existing lane. That toll could be a much as $6 each way at peak travel times. FDOT is also meeting that same day to talk about the TBX project.


New South Hurricane Guide Header 2Governor Scott toured the Mosaic New Wales plant site yesterday where that massive sinkhole allowed radioactive water into the Tampa Bay aquifer. Because it took so long for Mosaic officials to notify anyone of the spill, an emergency rule mandated by the state says all spills must be reported within 24 hours.There’s a tropical system moving that will most likely become out the next named storm within the next few days. Right now it’s off the northern coast of South America. You can track the storm in the Dove Hurricane Guide at


Another exciting addition to the family at the Lowry Park Zoo where the first ever Malayan tiger cub was born on Sept 11th. The Zoo released zooon Tuesday born to Mom Bzui. The cub and Mom will not be on exhibit for now as they get to know each other.


Red Tide is back, affecting the waters from Sarasota all the way up to Pinellas County. Dead fish have been washing up onshore, along with the resulting smell. It’s also causing some sneezing and watery eyes. There’s a new red tide report due from Florida Fish and Wildlife today, but to check how your beach is doing go to


skimmerNew rules go into effect this Saturday, aimed at protecting us from skimmers, like those that have been found at area gas stations. Starting Oct 1st, security seals must be on all pumps. Make sure you’re checking the pump before you gas up and let the station know there’s a problem.