Hillsborough County Schools Search For Ways To Save

Hillsborough County Schools Search For Ways To Save 

Posted: 4:06 am Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


hill-co-public-schoolsThe Hillsborough County School district is searching for ways to save some money, and a new report from the Gibson Consulting Group could points out ways to save $100 million dollars. It’s the second report from the group that school board members discussed at a workshop yesterday. Some of the suggestions included stopping courtesy school busing and maintaining existing buildings. That report cost the district $800,000, and they’ve put a video out on YouTube to explain their decisions.


returned_girl-2Four year old Rebecca Lewis of Lakeland is back with her family in Lakeland. She was found in the parking lot of a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee Monday with the man police believe took her – West Hogs. Sheriff Grady Judd said Hogs was known to the family, and had shown up their home Friday and disappeared with Rebecca on Saturday. Hogs is now in the custody of the FBI.


votingThe deadline to register to vote in Florida has been extended one day, so you have until 5 pm today to register to vote in the November election. A federal judge made the call, after the Florida Democratic Party had asked for a full week extension due to Hurricane Matthew.


coyoteHomeowners in the Westchase area are on high alert after a coyote killed a family pet. Coyotes are all over the Bay area and animal control experts say it’s best not to let your pet out alone and to keep it on a leash.


snake1_1476200868010_6479545_ver1-0Palmer Blvd Sarasota was filled with hundreds of banded watersnakes Tuesday morning. Unfortunately since it was before sunrise a lot of them had been run over by cars. No one is really sure why they were on the road, but they think with the cooler overnight temps they might have been enjoying the warmth of the blacktop. Photo courtesy Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.