Wastewater / Stormwater Task Force Meets

Wastewater / Stormwater Task Force Meets 

Posted: 3:20 am Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


sewageThe countywide Wastewater / Stormwater Task Force met yesterday to talk about that sewage spilling into the Bay after the hurricanes. The Task Force wants to develop what they call an initial action plan over the next 90 days to help solve key wastewater system issues and is made up of state, county, 17 municipal leaders and 10 agency leaders. There’s more information available through Pinellas County’s “Doing Things for You” app, and the county’s website.


There’s a big problem with drugs in Pinellas County. A new report ranks Pinellas among the top five counties with the highest arrest rates for drug possession in Florida. That report comes from the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch, and one of the authors of the report said she feels the finding raise questions about the the raise the effectiveness of treating substance abuse as a crime rather than a public health issue. You can read more about the study in this morning’s Tampa Bay Times.


mosaic-sinkholeEngineers surveying the sinkhole at the Mosaic Plant in Polk County are using laser-mapping equipment to see just how deep that sinkhole is. They’ve determined that hole is 220 feet deep from the very top of the gypsum stack, taking it some 30 feet below ground level. Mosaic Vice President for Operations Herschel Morris said the company may start pumping concrete grout into the sinkhole by December, at a cost of some $50 million dollars.


Two more divers have died at the Eagle’s Nest Sink in Hernando County. The sink is known as a dangerous dive area with thousands of feet of connected chambers, with an average depth of 250 feet, dropping as low as 300 feet. Patrick Peacock and Chris Rittenmeyer from Ft Lauderdale failed to surface over the weekend. Ten people have died since the Eagle’s Nest opened in 1981.


The deadline to register to vote in Florida in the November election is today. A federal judge made the call initially to extend it for just one day after the Florida Democratic Party had asked for a full week extension due to Hurricane Matthew.



Vincent Lecavalier will be honored during the Lightning game tonight, and welcomed back to Tampa Bay after he retired this off-season. The Lightning started their season with two wins in a row and tonight’s game is against the Panthers. Both teams are 2-0.