Bucs Win At Home

Bucs Win At Home 

Posted: 3:34 am Monday, November 14th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


bucs3_12603435_8colThe Bucs finally win one at home with a 36-10 victory over the Bears. The Bucs now hit the road with four away games that start Kansas City Sunday at 1 pm.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office isn’t sure what happened out on the water some five miles off the coast of Madeira Beach Saturday that led to the death of Blaise Gamba. She was diving with her husband William who was also hurt when they apparently had some sort of accident while diving. She died at Palms of Pasadena Hospital after William had waved down another boat for help.

amazon_prime_day_fizzle-jpeThere’s a scam going on around the Bay area involving DirectTV and Amazon gift cards. The caller offers a too good to be true offer for DirectTV but you have to pay with an Amazon gift card as part of the deal. And of course after you give them that gift card number over the phone you never hear from them again and you’re out a few hundred dollars. If you get one of those calls hang up and call the BBB.

pulseThe city of Orlando wants to buy the Pulse nightclub, scene of the deadliest mass shooting in history and turn it into a memorial. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is asking for help from the public on what the memorial should look like. The purchase price is $2.25 million. Orlando City Council will vote on the deal this week.