Crist Wants PTC Disbanded

Crist Wants PTC Disbanded 

Posted: 3:34 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

By Ann Kelly


uber_logoNow that Victor Crist is no longer chairman of the Public Transportation Commission in Hillsborough County, he wants it disbanded altogether. Crist is still a county commission and thinks the PTC is outdated. They are now facing a lawsuit that was filed Friday by the Tampa rideshare firm DriveSociety. They say the deal the PTC has with Uber and Lyft gives them preferential treatment. There is more on the story in the Tampa Bay Times.

The bald eagle that was rescued from a storm grate in Orlando is not doing well. It was founeagled trapped with another eagle that managed to fly away last Thursday. The eagle was originally being care for by Winter Park Veterinary Hospital but when its condition worsened, went to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey where they have taken care of 65 eagles this year.

If you happen to see a thumb drive just lying around and you decide to pick it up and use it, you might be picking up a lot of trouble. There’s a program called Bad USB that once you insert that thumb drive into your computer can download ransomware or steal personal information.

pulseThe city of Orlando wants to buy the Pulse nightclub, scene of the deadliest mass shooting in history and turn it into a memorial. But the vote that was scheduled for this week has been delayed for a month. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is asking for help from the public on what the memorial should look like and wanted for time. The purchase price is $2.25 million. Orlando City Council will vote on the deal this week.