Trump wins Electoral College vote

Trump wins Electoral College vote 

Posted: 5:28 am Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

By Mimi Lawson

Protesters in many states gathered trying to change the votes of the Electoral College yesterday but in the end, Donald J. Trump was officially elected our 45th President

A terrorist attack in Berlin leaves dozens dead after a truck plowed through a Christmas market and in Turkey the Russian Ambassador was assassinated on camera by an off duty Turkish police officer.

The White House confirmed that the “Red Phone” was used warning to Russia to stay out of the US Elections. Before that October message, the hotline hadn’t been used since 911 and when the US entered Bagdad.

The NFL will not fine Ezekiel Elliot for jumping into the Salvation Army pot after scoring against the Bucs Sunday. In fact, donations to the charity have spiked.