Expect big security at big events

Expect big security at big events 

Posted: 5:11 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

By Mimi Lawson

Isis is claiming responsibility for the attack on a crowded Christmas market in Berlin over the weekend. Police released a suspect yesterday after determining he wasn’t involved. Expect added security for events like football games and large gatherings.

Evidence shows the shooter in the assassination of Russia’s Ambassador may not have acted alone. Officials are calling these continuing attacks, the new normal for all of us.

A former Salvation Army volunteer was arrested yesterday on 28 counts of trying to defraud the agency of toys meant for less fortunate kids in the Bay area.

More fallout from the St. Petersburg sewer scandal as the Director of Water Resources was fired yesterday and another employee was demoted.

Michael Phelps is on the cover of the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated wearing all 23 of his Gold medals…the first time we’ve seen all of them at once!