Outback Bowl Week Underway 

Posted: 3:28 am Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

By Ann Kelly

dove-daily-update-bannerbowl-gamesOutback Bowl festivities are underway in the Bay area with the Florida Gator and Iowa Hawkeyes in town for the game scheduled for this Monday, January 2nd at Raymond James Stadium. The Gators are holding their practices at Jesuit High School. This is the 5th time each team has made it to the bowl game.

The Florida Highway Patrol caught another drunk driver going the wrong way but was able Police Car Lightsto stop her before anyone was hurt. Carol Lee Askevich was going northbound in the southbound lanes of US-41 north of Terry Drive in Ruskin. She’s facing DUI charges. With New Year’s Eve weekend on the way, expect a strong police presence and DUI checkpoints.

After this past weekends “mall brawls” at some malls across the US, police in the Bay area are keeping an eye out for similar stunts. Police are blaming bored teens and social media for triggering the outbursts.

starbucks_logo_by_purplishblack-d3bp13nSome days it’s just best to ask for a latte and get change that way. Anita Rowe went into the Starbucks on Big Bend Rd and asked for change for the bus, and when she was told they don’t open the register for that she started trashing the place. Rowe had pulled the same stunt the day before and now she’s facing criminal mischief and drug charges.

Tacky, tacky Cinnabon. They had to delete a tweet using their buns the signature hairstyle from Star Wars on a picture of the late Carrie Fisher.