Successful Launch & “Superfog”

Successful Launch & “Superfog” 

Posted: 3:54 am Monday, February 20th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


spaceexSpaceEx finally had their first successful commercial launch to the International Space Station Sunday. The launch was stopped in the final seconds on Saturday, but the cargo ship to the ISS is now on the way with supplies. The rocket itself made a perfect landing back on the pad at the Kennedy Space Center.


This morning it’s a matter of watching out for what’s referred to as “superfog” that might be an issue in Polk County. Smoke from the brushfires combined with fog make driving conditions extremely hazardous. At least 5,000 acres have been burned.


pinky_flamingoHillsborough County Circuit Judge Tom Barber ruled Friday that Joseph Corrao is not mentally competent to stand trial. Corrao is accused of killing Pinky, the beloved dancing flamingo at Busch Gardens last August. He is free on bail.


A new survey from AAA shows the worst drivers are millennials. Its thanks in part to texting while driving, speeding and running red lights. Those in the 19-24 year old age group show an overwhelming amount know what they’re doing is wrong, and that’s the case in all groups surveyed. The lone exception? Seniors