Enterprise Florida CEO Quits

Enterprise Florida CEO Quits 

Posted: 3:46 am Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Major League Baseball player Casey Kotchman is having a home built on St Pete Beach but he’s already at odd with some of his neighbors. Kotchman had an old buttonwood tree cut down on his lot because it would have obscured his view. Neighbors say the tree was at least 75 years old. After being denied a permit, he appealed and won that round to take the tree down. The home is being built in the 1800 block of Pass-A-Grille Way.


Enterprise Florida CEO Chris Hart has quit just two months after taking the job. He let Governor Scott know in a brief letter. Hart was supposed to testify before the Florida Senate on the jobs creation program Monday.


Yet another honor for Tampa International Airport. It’s been named the top North American airport serving 15-25 million passengers, and the second-best airport in North America serving more than 2 million. The survey was conducted by Airports Council International.


The Firestone Grand Prix of St Pete is this weekend. There are plenty of delays and detours in the downtown area where the race will take place. For more traffic and ticket information just click here.



No one is sure if any laws were broken, but it wasn’t the safest of smartest thing ever done. A plane that took off Peter O Knight Airport in St Pete flew out over the Gulf of Mexico and the passenger fired off a submachine gun from the plane down into the water some 3,000 feet below. The FAA is investigating.