Fire Destroys Buildings At Pasco Horse Club 

Posted: 3:39 am Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

A devastating fire at the Pasco Horsemen’s Club destroyed two buildings Monday afternoon. There were no horses on the property at the time and investigators do not consider it suspicious. Members are planning a fund raiser on April 8th to help and recover what they’ve lost.

Lower water levels could mean a higher level of being hit by a jumping sturgeon. Florida Fish and Wildlife say the sturgeon are now moving upstream to spawn from the Gulf to the Suwanee River. They’re also likely to jump out of the water while swimming and since 2006 there have been over 40 boaters have been hit, or almost hit. One death reported when a five year old girl died and other family members injured.

St Petersburg’s Joanne Larson is $13 million dollars richer. Larson won a Florida Lottery Jackpot back in March and will take a lump-sum payment of just over $8.6 million.

North Carolina beat Gonzaga State last night to take the NCAA championship. The final score was 71-65. This is the sixth title for North Carolina, and the 19th time Gonzaga has made it to the final four but never taking the title/

Ford is recalling more than 52,000 F-250 trucks over concerns the trucks could start moving while still in park. Ford suggest that drivers keep the parking brake on until they can get the car fixed at a dealer at no cost.