Pasco Wildfire Affects Schools

Pasco Wildfire Affects Schools 

Posted: 3:45 am Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

Starkey fire – photo Pasco Co Government FB page

Smoky air from the brush fire in Starkey Wilderness Preserve in Pasco County is changing the start times for River Ridge Middle and High schools. The usual 7:30 am start time will move to 10:45 am with the school day over at 5:10 pm. That lingering smoke could be around for up to a month. Burn bans remain in place for most Bay area counties.


The wildfire in Flatwoods Park in Hillsborough County is 90% contained. You’ll still see and smell smoke in the area, and be especially careful driving along I-75 near Fletcher Avenue to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.


Pasco County Salvation Army still seeking donations – photo PSSA Facebook

That wildfire Starkey Park has consumed over 2,275 acres. The Salvation Army is continuing to helping firefighters and could use donations of item like Gatorade/Powerade, sunblock, Chapstick, bug spray, non-perishable individually wrapped packaged snacks. You can drop those off at the warehouse at 7745 Ridge Road.


The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority approved the next step in expansion plans for Tampa International Airport. That amendment to the 2017 fiscal budget is for $132.4 million dollars. The red parking garage would be demolished and construction would begin on the retail and office space.