FHP Looking For Hit And Run Suspect 

Posted: 3:59 am Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Photo & video Jacki Kenney Lilly Facebook

The Florida Highway Patrol needs our help finding a hit and run driver. There’s video of an out of control SUV striking 14-year old Johnny Walsh Jr and leaving the scene on Moog Rd in Pasco County. Walsh walked away from the accident, and now the FHP is looking for a gold Ford Expedition with license plate number GYC-T99.They describe the driver as a white man who appeared to be in his 20.


AAA thinks we’re about to have a very busy Memorial Day weekend with over two million Floridians heading out on the highways. Nationwide take the number up to over 39 million. Most of us will keep that trip to within 50 miles of home.


Starkey fire – photo Pasco Co Government FB

Tampa hit a record high of 96 on Tuesday. So when was the last time it was this hot this early? A story in this morning’s Tampa Bay Times quotes the National Weather Service says we’d have to go all the way back to 1895. That hot weather is the main reason for our most active wildfire season since 2011.



Cheeto – CMA photo

Cheeto is back where he belongs. The little seahorse was rescued on Indian Shores last week by a girl and her Mom who found it dropped at their feet, possibly from a passing seagull. They call the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to save it, and now it’s nicknamed Cheeto since the girl thought that’s what it was at first. The “Cheeto Cam” is no longer on line since Cheeto has left the building.