Data Breach At Florida Department of Agriculture 

Posted: 3:50 am Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

By Ann Kelly

A data breach at the Florida the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services about two weeks ago exposed the personal information of gun owners and Social Security numbers. The hackers got into the system through the online payment portal. If you think your information may have been compromised, call (800) 350-1119 for assistance.


An explosion at a concert in Manchester, England has killed at least 22 people and injured more than 50. The attack happened just after a concert with Ariana Grande had ended. Police believe it was one male attacked involved in what are calling a “terrorist attack.


Experts think this year could be another bad one for mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus. Hillsborough County mosquito control division has already from the USF public health program on a source reduction program using specialized traps.


Lightning managed to hit four cars and start a fire in an auto body shop in Dade City Monday night. The fire at Reliance Auto was limited to the cars and the shop is fine.


AAA thinks we’re about to have a very busy Memorial Day weekend with over two million Floridians heading out on the highways. Nationwide take the number up to over 39 million. Most of us will keep that trip to within 50 miles of home.