Code Violations Close Flea Market

Code Violations Close Flea Market 

Posted: 3:33 am Thursday, June 15th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


You won’t be able to hit the USA Flea Market for bargains this weekend. The county says numerous code violations are the reason, and many of those complaints came from the vendors. Those vendors have two weeks to clear out and find another location.

The Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization voted to go ahead with the planned addition of more than 90 miles of toll lanes to the interstate system among other improvements at yesterday’s meeting. Tampa Bay Next will remain a part of the plan despite some opposition. Look for the Howard Frankland Bridge to also be rebuilt as part of that plan.

The FDLE will be looking into allegations that the Port Richey Police Dept. of illegal activity that included among other things disciplinary files on some officers disappearing. It’s not the first time the FDLE has been called in to check on the PRPD; they were here in 2014 over a tow truck company scandal.

Hillsborough County schools will be back in session in less than two months but with fewer teachers. There’s a hiring freeze in effect. Superintendent Jeff Eakins has not said how long that freeze will be in effect.