Posted: 4:30 am Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Sewage System Improvement Cost to Consumers Up For Vote In St Pete 

By Ann Kelly

The cost for improvements to the sewage system in St Pete may show up on your water bill. A recent decision by city leaders in St Pete could see a 20-30% rise in water and sewer bills to pay for the proposed $326 million dollars in improvements. City Council will vote Thursday, and if passed that rate increase could start showing up on your bill in January.

Four men died in the accident at TECO’s Big Bend Power Plant and now scammers are taking advantage of their family’s grief. A fake GoFundMe account has popped up complete with stolen pictures of the victims. Take a close look at the page and you’ll find mistakes and no way to contact who’s allegedly in charge of the fund. The official site is and has already raised more than $16,000.

Three K mart stores will be closing in the Bay area that include 8245 N. Florida Ave. in Tampa; 12412 U.S. Highway 19 in Hudson; and 4717 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland. Nationwide 35 K Marts and 8 Sears’s stores will close. You can see the official announcement here.