Bridal Store Closing Nationwide

Bridal Store Closing Nationwide 

Posted: 3:50 am Friday, July 14th, 2017

By Ann Kelly

It’s not the kind of news a bride-to-be wants to hear. Alfred Angelo Bridal stores are closing nationwide. The Tampa location told brides their dresses would be shipped FedEx. We have more on the story here.

St Pete City Council did not vote on the proposed consent order that could result in a 20-30% rise in water and sewer bills to pay for the $326 million dollars in improvements to the city’s storm sewage system. It might be another week before that happens. If approved, you may see that rate increase on your bill starting in January.

The personal data of some six million Verizon customers has been leaked online. Verizon says it was human error that put the customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes online. Up to 14 million accounts may have been compromised. Verizon says you should change your PIN. Check for more on the leak here.

A 12-year old black Lab named Sam was rescued in the water off St Pete Beach Tuesday by a dolphin watch sailboat captain. Susi Herrington from Dolphin Landings Charter Boat Company saw the dog struggling and jumped in to rescue him. Sam actually led Susi to his owner’s home onshore who didn’t even know the dog was missing. She said Sam has cataracts and may fallen over the seawall. He’s going to be fine.

Takata has issued yet another recall on airbags but this time on airbags they thought were safe. They were installed on some Ford, Nissan and Mazda vehicles between 2005 and 2012. We have the recall list here. You can also see the recall list issued at the beginning of the month that involve more vehicles and what to do to get the airbag replaced.