Operation Southern Shield Underway In Florida 

Posted: 3:36 am Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

By Ann Kelly



Five states that include Florida are in the midst of “Operation Southern Shield”. The program is aimed at making our highways safer and law enforcement officials will be keeping an eye out for impaired, distracted and anyone not wearing a seat belt. Participating states in addition to Florida include Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.


Another sinkhole has opened and is threatening two homes in The Villages. It’s around 15 wide and the homeowners did voluntarily evacuate. Officials in Sumter County will keep an eye on it for now. Pasco County officials tested the water at twenty homes near the 225 foot sinkhole which opened last week in Land O Lakes. Chemicals in the water of the sinkhole were considered hazardous and potentially contained Ecoli. No problems were found but the county will work with the Florida Department of Health of monitor to water. A fund has been created to help homeowners affected by that sinkhole. Pasco County is working with the United Way to collect donations.


The new airport shuttle car arrived at Tampa International Airport yesterday, complete with seabird decorations. Each of those cars cost $1.9 million and are part of the SkyConnect project at TIA that will link the new rental car facility and the economy parking garage to the main terminal. SkyConnect should be operational next year.


It’s not the kind of news a bride-to-be wants to hear. Alfred Angelo Bridal stores have closed nationwide. The Tampa location told brides their dresses would be shipped FedEx. We have more on the story here. Competitor David’s Bridal has stepped up to help those brides left hanging. They said it would offer  30 percent discounts to brides and 20 percent discounts to bridesmaids who now need new gowns.