FWC Investigating Shark Video

FWC Investigating Shark Video 

Posted: 3:43 am Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


The Florida Wildlife Commission wants to know who’s behind a viral video that shows a shark being dragged behind a boat at high speed. They’ve been told the man’s name is Michael Wenzel and he actually sent that video to his friends. No one has been arrested or charged yet.


One Florida lawmaker wants to make it a crime to leave a child in a vehicle for any amount of time by themselves. Rep. Emily Slosberg of Boca wants the present law tightened. Right now it’s perfectly okay to leave a child in a car, alone, for up to fifteen minutes if that child is alone and the car is locked.


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Booger McFarland has a new job. He’ll be an analyst for ABC when the college football season begins. He’s worked for ESPN as well as an analyst for the SEC.


Snooty photo South Fl Museum FB

The official cause of death for Snooty, who was the world’s oldest manatee on record in captivity at the South Florida Museum was drowning. Officials at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton said Snooty became stuck in an opening that led to an underwater maintenance area. The museum reo-pended to the public yesterday.



The Florida Department of Transportation may lower the speed limit on some highways. Its part of a program called the “Complete Streets” initiative and their mission is to lower pedestrian deaths. FDOT is looking for input and you can let them know how you feel about the possible changes here.


The back-to-school sales tax holiday is coming up in August and computers will be back on the list. They were not last year. The holiday begins at midnight on Friday, August 4th and ends midnight on Sunday, August 6th.