Eclipse From Coast To Coast 

Posted: 3:53 am Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

By Ann Kelly

For the first time in 99 years the US experienced a coast to coast solar eclipse. And we won’t have too long to wait for the next one. Mark April 8th, 2024 for the next total eclipse. If you don’t want to hang on to those special glasses you bought until then, they can be donated to a group called Astronomers Without Borders who will give them to kids in South America and Asia where the eclipse will pass in 2019. They can also be put in the home recycling bin.

One Hillsborough County Commissioner doesn’t think a decision on the Ray’s move to a new stadium will come until after the mayoral election. A story in the Tampa Bay Times said Commissioner Ken Hagen believes that no one wants to be perceived as influencing the election. That election is just one week away on August 29th.

A firefighter from Bradenton may have hooked a world record grouper at an annual fishing tournament over the weekend. James Taylor was at the St Pete Open and brought in a 409 pound Warsaw grouper. The spear fishing tournament is annual event and is promoted as the largest in the world.

An algae bloom in Old Tampa Bay is killing fish from Safety Harbor to the south end of the Bayside Bridge. Pinellas County Environmental Management says this isn’t out of the ordinary for this time of year. To report any issues where you live call the FWC’s Fish Kill Hotline at 800-636-0511 or log on to their web site.