Texas Teams At Home In The Trop 

Posted: 3:27 am Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


The Houston Astros have made Tropicana Field their temporary home thanks to Harvey. They started a three game stand against the Texas Rangers last night. All proceeds from ticket sales, concessions and parking will go toward disaster relief.



A Houston police officer on his way to work is now one of Harney’s victims. Sgt. Steve Perez drowned in his own patrol car. To help the victims of Harvey here with a donation to the Red Cross. The remnants of Harvey are now headed for Louisiana.



Sgt. Steve Perez

For the second year in a row survey says Florida has the worst drivers in the nation. SmartAsset looks at the number of DUI’s, tickets and the number of people who dies in crashes. Mississippi comes in second.




Former mayor Rick Baker and current mayor Rick Kriesman will move on to a runoff in the November general election. Neither one reached the 51% needed to win the race outright.