Police Charge Suspect In Seminole Heights Shooting 

Posted: 3:48 am Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Emanuel Donaldson; photo TPD

Tampa Police arrested 24 year old Howell Emanuel Donaldson yesterday and charged him four counts of murder in the Seminole Heights shootings. He was arrested at a McDonalds in Ybor City after TPD received a tip about a man with a gun there.


There’s an anti-bullying bill being proposed in Tallahassee that has some parents upset. It basically give parents who’s child is being bullied a voucher to send them to another school but allows the bully to stay at that school. That bill would come with an annual price tag of $30 million dollars. You can see the bill here.


If you bought protein bars at Aldi, take them back. The recall was issued for the Fit and Active bars that may have some small pieces of plastic in them. For more on which bars and how to return them, check here.


Metropolitan Ministries holiday tent is open in downtown Tampa at the corner of Cass and Nebraska. The need for donations is expected to be stronger than usual thanks to our hurricanes and families coming into the area from Puerto Rico.For more on what is needed click here.


Is that nice, fresh Christmas tree bugged? One pest control agency says it’s possible for up to 25,000 bugs to live in one tree. Most of those die quickly but it’s a good idea to leave the tree in a safe place like the garage for a few days and then bring it inside.