Seminole Heights Shooter Facing Four Counts Of First Degree Murder 

Posted: 3:57 am Thursday, November 30th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Donaldson – photo TPD

Tampa Police arrested 24 year old Howell Emanuel Donaldson who now faces four counts of first degree of murders in Seminole Heights. He was arrested at a McDonalds in Ybor. There’s still no reported motive for the killings, but Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said they received 5,000 tips in the case. HART will resume regular bus service for Route 9 in Seminole Heights now that police have Donaldson in custody.


Both Tampa and St Pete lose out on acquiring a major league soccer team for now. The first round of expansion cities was announced with Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville and Sacramento moving on for the final two spots.


Jameis Winston will be back on the field for the Bucs this weekend after sitting out the last few games with a shoulder industry. The Bucs are on the road against Green Bay.


Busch Gardens has a new baby giraffe and they announced the name yesterday. It’s a boy named Quinn who was born in November weighing 150 pounds. Quinn will be out on the Serengeti Plain in a few weeks,


Metropolitan Ministries holiday tent is open in downtown Tampa at the corner of Cass and Nebraska. The need for donations is expected to be stronger than usual thanks to our hurricanes and families coming into the area from Puerto Rico. For more information on what is still needed, check here.


Is that nice, fresh Christmas tree bugged? One pest control agency says it’s possible for up to 25,000 bugs to live in one tree. Most of those die quickly but it’s a good idea to leave the tree in a safe place like the garage for a few days and then bring it inside.