No Agreement On Hillsborough Teachers Raises 

Posted: 3:47 am Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


The Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association say Monday’s offer from the Hillsborough County School District just isn’t the pay raise they were looking for. It amounted to $92 per teacher. So once again, no agreement between the two sides and discussions will continue.

At last night’s City Council meeting in Brooksville residents were told for the now, their Police Department is not being disbanded – for now. City Council is trying to find ways to save money on the city budget and that no decisions had been made. As a matter of fact the issue wasn’t even on the agenda and must be for any discussion or decisions.

Massive backups triggered by evacuation orders during Hurricane Irma have lawmakers in Tallahassee talking about a possible extension of the Suncoast Parkway. That proposal would extend the Parkway all the way to the Georgia border, and possibly add “fuel farms” along the way to aid motorists.

It turns out the woman who volunteered to sign at a recent press conference on the arrest of 24-year old Howell Emanuel Donaldson was a fake and a criminal. TPD said they assumed Derlyn Roberts had been sent from the service they normally use. No one knows why she showed up to begin with and it was not a crime, but it was an ethical violation that has upset many in the deaf community. No one knows why she showed up to begin with.

Metropolitan Ministries holiday tent is open in downtown Tampa at the corner of Cass and Nebraska. The need for donations is expected to be stronger than usual thanks to our hurricanes and families coming into the area from Puerto Rico. For more on what is needed click here.