Donaldson Will Not Appear In Court Today 

Posted: 3:23 am Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

By Ann Kelly


Accused Seminole Heights killer Howell Emanuel Donaldson has waived his right to appear in court this morning. A written plea will be submitted by his lawyer but we don’t know what that plea might be. Donaldson’s parents still face possible contempt of court charges for refusing to answer questions about their son and will be back in court in early January.


NORAD has a possible explanation for those louds booms heard across the Bay area last Saturday. It might have been a sonic boom produced by two F-15 Fighter Jets that were in the air due to the President’s visit to Pensacola.


Metropolitan Ministries holiday tent is open in downtown Tampa at the corner of Cass and Nebraska and they need turkey and hams. The need for donations is stronger than usual thanks to our hurricanes and families coming into the area from Puerto Rico.  For more on what is needed click here.


St Pete residents will see an increase in their utility bills starting January 1st. That increase will go toward repairs to the city’s aging sewage system. That increase will be 16%. The budget is more than $32 million for the repairs and upgrades