Posted: 3:33 am Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


There will be no drilling off the coast of Florida. Governor Rick Scott made the announcement yesterday. But it will be allowed as close as Alabama, just 20 miles west of Pensacola.


Officials on both sides of the Bay are expecting more trouble after some thirty intersections have been affected by water main breaks.  The cold weather is being blamed for most of them. The break on MacDill and Azeele has been rough on both commuters and businesses in the area. The warmer weather is expected to trigger even more breaks.


It’s flu season and Florida is one of 46 states reporting a substantial volume of flu cases. Experts say we’re 200% more likely to catch the flu this year and it’s getting harder to avoid catching it. There’s even a shortage of the bags used for IV’s. You can read more on the story from our partners at ABC Action News.



Bad news for our beloved manatees thanks to careless boaters and Red Tide. More than 500 died last year.  That’s the third highest death total in history. The highest recorded number of deaths was in 2013 and that was over 800 thanks in great part to unusually cold weather and Red Tide.