Rainy Days And Hockey All Stars Invade Today 

Posted: 6:27 am Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


It’s only rain. But inside Amalie Area today it’s frozen rain. As in ice, ice, baby! The home of the Tampa Bay Lightning welcome the world to the NHL All Star game this afternoon. We’re thrilled to have the eyes of the sports world on the home of our Bolts so let’s show them our best side. You think traffic was fun yesterday? It’s a here-we-go-again kind of day with a lot happening pre-game so expect things to get tight early.


The forecast is for rain later today, even a thunderstorm or two. Be ready for those slick streets and a lot of visitors who get just as confused as we do in construction areas. Take a little patience along and enjoy what’s been an incredible weekend. Let’s keep it that way and we’ll have so much to talk about tomorrow morning on The Dove!