New Baby Makes Her Debut At The Florida State Fair 

Posted: 6:58 pm Sunday, February 11th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


It wasn’t your usual Friday at the Florida State Fair. Kesha Martin gave birth with the assistance of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputies who safely delivered a baby girl named Lyric Love Robinson. Deputies Roberto and Henry Enchenique assisted the mother who gave birth very quickly, and headed off to St Joseph’s Women’s Hospital with here daughter. Both were reported doing fine. There’s more on the Fair and some of the delicious foods to enjoy in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen.


When it comes to the flu the Bay area ranks in the top ten in the nation for reported cases. The Doctor’s Report Illness Tracker has us sixth on the list for the flu and eighth in the country for Type A. Five have died in Tampa Bay, 53 nationwide.


Tampa International Airport’s new SkyConnect people mover will start operating from the economy garage and the new car rental center on Wednesday. TIA officials estimate 2,500 passengers per hour  in each direction will use the train.