JROTC Student Shooting Victims To Receive Medal of Heroism 

Posted: 3:41 am Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Law enforcement and school officials all across the Bay area are talking to students and running drills on active shooter situations in reaction to the Parkland shootings. Manufacturers of bullet proof backups are seeing a rise in sales. On Tuesday officials announced three JROTC cadets that died in the shooting will be awarded the Medal of Heroism from the US Army. The Florida National Guard will also be at their funerals.


The Brandon Regional Library has shut down due to bedbugs. The bugs were in books that had been returned and they were immediately discarded. It will run around $6,000 for a company to come in to do a chemical-free treatment to kill all the bugs. The library should be open again on Friday.


It’s getting close to spring break at the beach and Clearwater Beach has already gotten a jump-start on traffic control with a ten week park and ride that’s free. It started this past Monday with shuttle rides to and from parking lots to the beach. Look for signs around town that will direct you to those lots. And if you’d rather take the ferry – which is not free –  the city plans to double the amount of boats.


More record-breaking highs across the Bay on Tuesday. Tampa hit 89, breaking the old record of 87. But it was down in Sarasota that really broke the old record of 85 with a high of 90.