FEMA Ends Voucher Program 

Posted: 3:56 am Monday, March 12th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Bay area residents and those statewide who have been depending on hotel vouchers since Hurricane Irma will now have to find another way to find a home. FEMA ended the program this past Saturday, March 10th. Over 27,000 persons statewide took advantage of the program, and the majority of those have found housing. FEMA is taking calls for those who still need a place to live. Just call 211 or check in with them online. FEMA funds for Hurricane Maria refugees also ended last month.



Get ready for more travel delays to the northeast. The third nor’easter in two weeks is about to hit starting later today with the heaviest snows heading for New England and upstate New York. Call ahead for flight delays and cancellations and check in online before heading to the airport.



The Florida Legislature held a rare Sunday session yesterday, approving an $89 billion dollar budget. Governor Scott still has the power to veto any line item spending. We’ll show you what the budget contains here.



Spring break is beginning but the weather will be a little on the cooler side. This week’s forecast is predicting cooler highs in the upper 60’s most of the week, and warming toward the weekend.