Lightning Drop Second Straight At Home 

Posted: 3:27 am Monday, May 14th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



The Lightning have dropped two straight in the Eastern Conference Playoffs finals. The final score on Sunday’s game was 6-2. Games three and four are in Washington. The  Lightning do have home ice advantage and will be back in Tampa for game five if necessary Saturday, May 19th.




The same system that produced enough rain to cancel Sunday’s free performance from the Florida Orchestra Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park will probably bring us plentymore this week. Forecasters are watching the system in the Gulf that has a 40% of becoming tropical system.




Florida is under alert in the the romaine lettuce recall that now extends into 29 states and is responsible on death, and possibly as many as 17 people reporting kidney failure from possible E. coli contamination. At least 149 people have been sickened, 17 in the hospital. And on top of that recall comes the egg recall affecting eggs sold through Publix and Walmart. That salmonella outbreak has affected at least a dozen states that include Florida.




Digital license plates, called Rplates will be here soon. Reviver Auto is the manufacturer of the electronic plates that are already in use in California. Those plates cost $699, plus a monthly service plan fee. But you’d never have to go to the DMV ever again and can renew online. But as with any electronic device hacking is a concern.