Winston Facing Suspension 

Posted: 3:33 am Friday, June 22nd, 2018

By Ann Kelly


ESPN says the NFL may suspend Tampa Bay Buc’s quarterback Jameis Winston for an alleged incident involving a female Uber driver in Arizona two years ago. He would sit on the bench for the first three games of the season and lose $124,000 in base salary.



St Pete Police and federal authorities are checking into threats made on social media against the St Pete Pride Parade this Saturday. Those posts were found on Facebook and if that person is found they could face charges even if no violence occurs. The parade is



The SunPass toll system is still having problems more than two weeks after planned maintenance. FDOT says because of that there will be no late fees or penalties.. Some transactions from last month still haven’t been posted but you can check your balance and add to your account



The Tampa Bay Lightning’s schedule is out for next season. The first home game that will kick off five in a row is October 6th against the Florida Panthers. The first games against the Washington Capitals that knocked the Lightning out of the race for the Stanley Cup won’t be until March.


A bite from a venomous caterpillar sent a Land O Lakes boy to the ER with severe pain and a rash. Logan Pergola’s mom brought it to the hospital in a plastic bag and doctor’s were able to identify it and treat Logan. He’s going to be fine but you’re warned not to touch any bug you can’t identify.