New Laws Go Into Effect Sunday 

Posted: 3:21 am Thursday, June 28th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



The bill that Governor Rick Scott signed in March that would let Florida stay in Daylight Saving Time year ’round starting July 1st isn’t happening – yet. Congress, not the Florida Legislature must approve that bill and it has not. That puts “The Sunshine Protection Act” on hold for now. One bill that does go into effect is the not very popular bill that would let private business and homeowners restrict beach adjacent to their property. You can read more about that and other bills here.




The Florida Department of Education released the 2018 grades for more than 3,000 schools yesterday. Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties all received a “B” as they did last year. Statewides there were over 1,000 schools with an “A” rating. There is more on other counties performance here.




Strawberry moon, Saturn and Mars visible this week

It’s on one of those weeks when we treated to a special celestial show. There’s a Strawberry moon this morning, and you’ll have a great view of Mars and Saturn this week. The June moon is also know as the honey moon.




Former Tampa Bay Lightning player Marty St. Louis is going in to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He was on the Stanley Cup award winning team in 2004 and was the first Lightning player to have his jersey retired. The induction ceremony is November 12th in Toronto.




Cases of tummy flu are on the rise in the Bay area. Doctors in Hillsborough County have reported a dramatic rise in cases. Hot tubs and pools can be one source along with not keep surfaces clean and leaving damp towels out.




Watch for purple flags at the beach. We have one for the “eww” column. Sea lice are causing bumpy, itchy rashes for some beachgoers.  It can also make you feel like you have the flu. Scientists prefer the term Sea Bather’s Eruption and most of those cases have been reported along the southern Atlantic side of the state.