Fireworks Fizzle Out On The 4th 

Posted: 12:39 am Thursday, July 5th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


The 4th of July fizzled out in St Petersburg with the cancellation of the city’s fireworks display.  A post from the city’s Facebook page blamed technical issues with the company hired to do the fireworks. They have not rescheduled the display.



Tampa’s fireworks display was cut short due to lightning in the area. Residents saw about eight minutes before the show was shut down. Gulfport also canceled due to the weather but has been rescheduled for Thursday night at 9 am.



One of the newest laws on the books in Florida is causing a lot of confusion for people just wanting to walk on their favorite beach. Those beaches with private homes on them are now private up to the high tide, leading one homeowner on Indian Rocks Beach to put up a fence he’s since been ordered to take down.



Officer Pulls Over Slow Driver; Tweet Goes Viral

AAA is predicting another record-breaking holiday weekend, with almost 47 million people will be on the roads for the 4th of July holiday weekend, officially running Tuesday through Sunday. That’s the most people traveling since AAA started keeping records on travel.



Woman claims sea lice at North Carolina beach caused distress to family Watch for purple flags at the beach. Sea lice are causing bumpy, itchy rashes for some Florida beachgoers.  It can also make you feel like you have the flu. Most of those cases have been reported along the southern Atlantic side of the state. But there were cases reported in North Carolina last the weekend.