Latest On The Tropics 

Posted: 3:36 am Monday, July 9th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Beryl is no longer a hurricane and is falling apart, but there’s Tropical Storm Chris off the east coast. Chris will probably reach hurricane status sometime today. The current track would take it up the coastline but doesn’t look like it will be a major threat. Follow action in the tropics with us here in the Dove Hurricane Guide.



'Cold-stunned' sea turtles suffering from hypothermia amid frigid temperatures

It’s the time of year for sea turtles to nest and after the 4th of July holiday officials from Mote Marine Aquarium are more concerned that ever for the safety of those nests.  They spotted a lot of debris left on the beach and all that junk can impede the hatchlings path to the water. The Turtle Patrol is keeping an eye out for problems and protecting the nests. It’s a crime to disturb those nests in any way.



The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was called to help deputies from the Sarasota Sheriff’s County office capture a 13-foot gator in Shamrock Park Sunday. The gator was captured and relocated. Officials think it’s the biggest one they’ve seen in Venice in a long time.



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