Beach Access Law Under Review 

Posted: 3:34 am Friday, July 13th, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Georgia high school football player pulled from water at Florida beach dies
Despite a Florida law that went into effect July 1st limiting public access to parts of the beach in front of private homes and resorts, Governor Scott signed an executive order asking them not to limit access. You can see specifics of the order here – and enjoy your walk on the beach this weekend.



St Pete City Council said no to one artist’s work proposed for the new St Pete Pier at Thursday night’s meeting. The $1.5 million dollar price tag for the illuminated aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman was rejected by a 4-3 vote.



Build-A-Bear pay your age promotion:  Lines closed, limited due to popularityIf you were one of the thousands who stood in line for Build-A-Bears Pay Your Age promotion yesterday in Tampa Bay and nationwide you might have walked away without a bear. The promotion was incredibly successful and the company had to shut down lines over safety concerns.




The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office wants loud car stereos turned down.  You can actually report them yourself at Operation Lower The Boom and a first notice of the noise ordinance get mailed out. The second notice will get the offender a visit from a deputy. But a ticket won’t be issued unless the deputy actually witnesses the offense. Then that first offense will carry a $218 fine.




How do you lose a 202 pound St Bernard? Owner William O’Shea thinks his dog Logan was actually stolen and the reward for his safe return is up to $1,500. Logan disappeared from their home on Treasure Island Monday and needs special care. If you can help call 727-452-3424 or go to




The stadium would be located in Ybor City.

The Tampa Bay Rays gave us a look at plans for the proposed new stadium in Tampa  Monday. The park would be built in Ybor City and includes a translucent roof and sliding glass exterior walls. Seating capacity would be the smallest in Major League baseball at  30,842. The projected cost for the project is $892,429,823.




Say Goodbye to Peanuts on All Southwest Airline Flights

No peanuts for you! Southwest Airlines will no longer serve them on flights and depend on pretzels alone. The airline wanted to avoid any peanut allergy issues. The new serving rule goes into effect August 1st.




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