First Beach Access Law Arrest 

Posted: 3:37 am Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

By Ann Kelly



For the first time since Florida law went into effect limiting beach access near private properties someone has been arrested for allegedly violating that law. It happened on Santa Rosa beach in Walton County. Daniel Uhlfelder was busted for sitting on the sand in front of a gated community. Governor Scott had issued another order over all the confusion on the new law and Uhlfedler even had a copy of that with him.



The Florida Department of Transportation is withholding payments to Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc. until problems with SunPass are solved,  FDOT blames that contractor for the massive backlog of unprocessed transaction for the toll system. A story in the Tampa Bay Times says Conduent has a history of the same type of problem in seven other stations.



A crate jammed with two adult dogs and five puppies was abandoned by the side of the road in Hillsborough County this week. A Fed Ex driver found them Monday, and now they’re at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay looking for foster families. It is against the law to abandon animals, and in this heat it could have been deadly for the Chihuahua and terrier mix dogs.












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