Tax-Free School Shopping Weekend Begins 

Posted: 3:37 am Friday, August 3rd, 2018

By Ann Kelly


Florida’s back to school sales tax holiday is set for this weekend, August 3rd – 5th. We have the complete list of what is and what not on the list this year. There are limits of $60 or less for items like clothing, shoes and other supplies.



The latest update from Colorado State University on our hurricane season has increased the number of named storms by one, from 11 to 12. It also predicted the number of hurricanes from 4-5 and we’ve already had 2. The number of major hurricanes remains the same at one.



If you incur overdraft fees as the result of the problems with SunPass the state of Florida is going to reimburse you. There are nearly two million backlogged transactions and yours finally show up on your bank account it could be a lot more than you expected. It may take until September to catch up.



The Board of Directors for the Tampa Sports Authority has designated Raymond James Stadium as totally smoke and tobacco free venue starting in August. There will be designated smoking areas outside the stadium. But once you leave Ray Jay you would not be allowed to re-enter. The first smoke free event will be the Taylor Swift concert August 14th.



Dead fish have washed ashore from the Sanibel causeway after dying in a red tide on August 1, 2018 in Sanibel, Florida. Red tide season usually lasts from October to around February, but the current red tide has stayed along the coast for around 10 months, killing massive amounts of fish as well as sea turtles, manatees and a whale shark swimming in the area.The red tide that is killing fish and other marine life on the east coast of Florida has made its way as far north as Sanibel Island and scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory are concerned about how much further it could spread.  The red tide can also affect people with respiratory issues. You can keep track of the tide’s movement here.



File photo

It’s sea turtle nesting season but the news from the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation isn’t good. A new report from the group is blaming red tide for more dead and sick sea turtles being found on Florida beaches. If you do spot a turtle in distress you can report disoriented or stranded sea turtles to 978-728-3663(978-SAVE-ONE).